The creative chemistry existing between the aerial dancers while performing is palpable. The unwavering trust the artists have for one another naturally produces an unbelievable beauty, leaving those of us watching in awe.
— Erica Somes

A-WOL was created in 2003 as a “Collective.” The four co-founders’ intention was to form a group that could operate efficiently by using the different strengths and skills of all company members, both on and off stage, liberating audiences from traditional ideas of what it means to dance. Mingling the worlds of dance and aerial, our dancers ignite a wonder and curiosity for what can happen when a human body takes flight. The physicality of their movement both on the floor and in the air, conveys striking fearlessness and unmistakable rigor. A-WOL dancers have been seen hanging from the trees in the middle of the forest to dangling from the ceilings of Portland’s trendiest night clubs. Hip yet sophisticated, A-WOL has a versatility of style.

Thank you for your interest in and support of A-WOL Dance Collective. See you at the show!

Professional Company

Circus Rose

This group of A-WOL aerialists, dancers and circus artists perform year round at parties, productions and community events. They are highly skilled on a variety of apparatus in the air and on the floor and ready to perform in a minutes notice. Look for them around town all glittered up soaring through the air! 

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Flyco TRaining Company

A training program for serious aerial students looking to accomplish the skills and professionalism required in the industry. This one year training program includes intensive aerial training, conditioning and choreography work. Using A-WOL's method of collaboration, FlyCo members produce a show for the annual Open Air Production at Director Park in downtown Portland. Auditions are held in the fall. 



Candi Brigham

Alyssa Morse-Miller

Aphyna Van De Veere

Jasmine Taylor

Beth Fuegy

Kim Choeychan

Sydney Rue

Sena Garbon

Enzo Thixton

Rochelle Kwas

Katie MacDonald


Alicia Doerrie
Angela Bryant
Kate Law
Amaya Alvarado

Aeros Youth Training Company

Aeros is A-WOL's new pre-professional youth training company, a program designed to provide an advanced training ground for young aerialists seeking pre-professional instruction. The members of the program are invited to participate in specialized rehearsals, classes, and performance opportunities. Aeros offers a supportive and disciplined environment with coaches that are committed to fostering a positive spirit and a high expectation for learning and excelling in the aerial arts. 



Eva Busch
Sophia Leek
Dehlia Shaw
Amelia Shuster
Alina Armstrong
Adaline Merrifield
Anna Lanigan
Ava Torok
Ella Rivelli
Talia Valdez
Alice Peterson
Siana Yanosy
Liesel Gillard
Eva Schilling
Lily Morgan-Olsen
Sarafina Stoltz

Board of Directors

Jen Livengood
Julie Hoel Barnes
Elizabeth Grulke
James Anthony
Suzan Superstein
Kris Homsi