A-WOL Dance Collective believes that the arts build community and enhance the quality of life. Art, in its various forms, fosters creativity, empowers individuals and brings people together. A-WOL's warehouse headquarters offers a place of belonging for its patrons. Our students become friends with one another, our audience hangs out before and after shows, our volunteers mingle with our performers and our staff takes great ownership in our organization. Many have told us that they have found a sense of meaning and belonging by being a part of A-WOL in various ways.  


Behind the scenes


Jen Livengood

Artistic & ExEcutive Director

As a founder and director of A-WOL, Jen manages many of the business aspects of the organization. On any given day you'll find her buried in budgets, meeting with arts partners from around the town, booking performances for any of our performing groups or overseeing office projects with the rest of the staff. Although the creative side of A-WOL is her favorite, she loves a good spreadsheet and conference call! 


Brandy Guthery

Artistic Director & Co-director of marketing/PR

Brandy often finds herself keeping A-WOL involved in the community with all types of festivals, collaborations, benefits and other community programs. If you see a picture or video on social media, she probably had something to do with it. As a founding member and director, she is happy to work alongside Jen and Alicia to create the performance season and keep pumping out amazing shows for all to enjoy.


Alicia Doerrie

Co-Director of Education & Management

Alicia plays a role in the education department at A-WOL as an outreach coordinator and coach. She heads the adult training company, FlyCo, sharing her desire for excellence, hard work, and creativity with other adults striving to become professionals in the industry. She regularly teaches aerial and dance in and around the Portland area, in both school and studio settings.


Ashley Nelson

Operations manager

Ashley took on the role of Class Manager in Fall of 2014 and loves that her job entails helping A-WOL to thrive and serve as wide a community as possible. Her primary duties include managing class, camp, and workshop schedules, behind-the-scenes trouble shooting, and welcoming newcomers to the A-WOL community. After the positive impact A-WOL played in her life, being able to share that influence with others is truly satisfying. She feels grateful to be a part of the A-WOL family and the many adventures that come with it. 

Liz Jones

aeros manager


Rachel Belling

Youth manager

 Rachel took on the role of the youth manager at the beginning of 2017. If you have a student between the ages of 4-17 years you have likely chatted with her via email. While most of her daily work is communication with the families of A-WOL students and incoming students, she also runs A-WOL’s annual student showcase and you may also see her instructing a class or training. Rachel is excited to help create a welcoming space, accessible to all, where young students can not only train in aerial and movement but also be exposed to art and creativity in their lives. She loves that A-WOL provides both of these things in a positive and encouraging environment.




We know that we can make a difference in our community, our city and our world. We also understand that arts can serve an important part in reaching parts of the community where economic status can be a challenge. Because of this, we work hard to give back to our community in many ways. 

  • Scholarships and Work Trade programs

  • Auction donations

  • Charity Night Shows

  • Dancer Rehearsal Volunteer

  • Free Director Park Shows

  • Free Classes

  • Non-Profit Discounts & Partnerships

  • School Shows & Workshops

  • Free Youth Camps

  • Charity Classes

Awol is a proud member of Dance Wire. Connecting people in Portland to dance studios across town.


Our Warehouse

A-WOL Dance Collective is located on the corner of NE Grand and Schuyler, just one block north of Broadway. Enter through our lobby where you will find our check-in desk, a beautiful waiting area and a community of tenants all serving the community in the areas of massage, acupuncture and mental health therapy. Once you pass through our lobby, you'll find a 5500 square foot climate controlled warehouse complete with three training spaces and over 25 hanging points for aerial apparatus. Contact us to rent our warehouse or one of the office suites! 

Several times a year our warehouse space converts to a theater! We bring in risers for seating, we roll out the bar and set up bistro tables, our annex turns into a lounge, our back door turns into our entry and "voila!" welcome to the show!

A-WOL warehouse graffiti by John English.



Chelsea Chick
Nick Dawes
Alexis Goldstein
Kevin Hlas
Mike Hauser
Rodney Krause
Beth Olson
Cooper Reid
Kyer Wiltshire