What does my gift do?


Your gift will:

·     Provide a safe space for kids, teens and adults to discover aerial.

·     Empower youth and adult students to develop both physical and inner strength

·     Build our community and enable us to share the love of dance and art with others.

·     Make performances like Toy Box and Art in the Dark possible.

·     Infuse Portland with fun and creativity.

·     Help us do what we love so that we can share it with you!


If you love dance and think it’s important to share with the community, please consider donating. Donors make our performances and classes possible. Simply put, ticket sales do not fully cover the cost of productions nor do tuition dollars fully fund our classes. We are committed to keeping admission to our performances affordable for children, families, and others who appreciate modern dance and high-flying trapeze and fabric choreography and with your help we can do that. We are nothing without our community, without our dancers, and without people like you. Thank you for your support.


If you’d like to contribute your talent, time, or energy to sharing A-WOL’s art with the community, we welcome you to become a volunteer. Our success is due largely to the generous volunteers who assist behind the scenes (and in the wings) to ensure successful productions. From hanging posters to ticket-taking, sweeping the floors to seating guests, there are many ways for you to get involved.

We are supporters of A-WOL for multiple reasons– our favorite is that it allows a local organization to continue to perform something you don’t see every day– aerial dance.
— GS & CB

Our Supporters

Private Donors

Regional Arts and Culture Council

Work for Art

City of West Linn

pacific power foundation

herbert a. templeton      foundation


Our sponsors


Left of Center is funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council


A special thank you from the AWOL directors. Thank you for everyone who has helped this company succeed. 

In Production
Rodney Krause
Jason Hildner
Jonas Nash
Adonya Ourshalimian
Susan Bragdon
Veronica Swehla
Damion Carre
Dave Froode
Chris and Garren Stanley
Nick Dawes
Mari Nakama
Stacey Silva

Doug Agar
Melissa Hescock
Gretchen Schumacher
Cody Livengood
McCoy Doerrie
Richard and Anne DeWolf
Don Adler
George Thorn
Mary Kay West
Jessica Burchett
Karen O'Connor
Stoel Rievs LLP

  • Our amazing and supportive fans

  • All of our artistic collaborators in the community

  • dancers– past, present and in between

  • All family members and friends of past and present dancers for all of your volunteer time.


The support of our community gives us the strength to be who we are, thank you!